Part Time Program

The HTP Arrowsmith Part-Time Programs are ideally designed for students whose learning is impacted by only a few (one to three) learning dysfunctions, as well as for students who may not be able to enrol in the full time day program. Although a full-time program placement is the most effective way to address cognitive deficits, for certain individuals this type of commitment is simply not possible. Students in the part-time (after school) program fit the same profile as those in the full-time program. These students are typically of average or above average intelligence, do not  have  severe  emotional  or  behavioural  disorders,  have  not  suffered  brain injuries,  and  do  not  have  severe  intellectual  disorders.  These  students  have learning difficulties that cause them to struggle to some degree in school or in life.

Given that each cognitive area requires four hours of active engagement in the cognitive exercise per week, students enrolled in the Part Time Programs are only able to address one cognitive area per year on site.

Types of Part-time Programs offered at HTP:

1. On Site Cognitive Program (Monday and Tuesday) addressing one Cognitive Area

The Monday and Tuesday Program addresses one cognitive function per year. Based   on   the   student’s   learning   profile   as  determined   by   an   Arrowsmith assessment, an individualised program will be designed to address one cognitive area.

Each cognitive program has been designed to target a specific area of learning difficulty and each student's program is tailored for that student's particular needs. There is no cognitive homework requirement for this program. All cognitive work is completed within the Monday and Tuesday sessions.

Time: 4.15pm – 6.30pm (Monday and Tuesday)

Cost: $6000 per year (Four terms per year – in line with Catholic Primary School term dates) * This includes $1,500pa to Arrowsmith Canada

The On-site Program will require an Initial Arrowsmith Assessment (if the student has not already completed one) to identify the cognitive area to work on.

2. On Site Cognitive Enhancement Program (Monday and Tuesday)

This model will provide cognitive enhancement to participants in the cognitive function of Symbol Relations (clocks). This cognitive function is involved in processing concepts across all academic disciplines, understanding and quickly grasping what is read and heard, gaining insight, logical reasoning, seeing connections between ideas, cause and effect processing, and mathematical reasoning. Students in this model would complete a minimum of four hours per week on this cognitive exercise across the 4 Terms of a school year.

Time:  4.15pm – 6.30pm (Monday and Tuesday)

Cost:  $6000 per year (Four terms per year – in line with Catholic Primary School term dates) * This includes $1,500pa to Arrowsmith Canada.

No  Initial  Arrowsmith  Assessment  is  required  for  the  Cognitive  Enhancement Program.


Students and parents considering a Part Time Program must have realistic expectations with regards to the rate  of cognitive gains.  The full time program addresses multiple cognitive areas simultaneously however the part time program only addresses 1 area  each year.



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