Testimonials From Past Students

My time at St Catherine’s Primary School was a very fun learning experience. I made many lifelong friends and have memories that I will never forget. Being at St Catherine's, I felt safe, happy and comfortable due to the amazing teachers there. They taught me so many important things about life that made my time at high school so much easier and enjoyable. All the teachers at St Catherine’s were so nice and inviting and would always assist me if I had any troubles. Whilst at St Catherine’s Primary School, there were many people who made my life so much easier. I made many friends that I knew had my back and that I could trust in any situation. Overall, the time I spent at St Catherine's was 7 years which I will never forget.   

Julian Chiodo- Student

As a student of St    Catherine’s from 2012 - 2018, St Catherine’s Primary is the school to send your child to. The teachers helped me prepare for my high school years and helped me grow and become a better learner. 

St Catherine’s is a fantastic school, the teachers are very welcoming with open arms and kind no matter what. I loved my years at the school from prep to year 6, the staff were so caring and so were my peers. 

I would recommend sending your child to St Catherine’s for your child to have a successful education in the future.

Laura Smeaton - Student


The years I spent at St Catherine’s were nothing but enjoyable. I have so many positive and happy memories that will stay with me for life. Such as the first time I met my year six buddy, Olivia. I had just started school and she showed me around and helped me make some of the closest friends I still have today. Another of my favourite things about St Catherine’s was Sports day. It’s a fun day where everyone dresses up in their House colours and competes in a variety of events. A winning team is announced but the point is not winning it’s about getting the opportunity to make new friends and have fun. There are also lots of other sporting activities, such as the Swimming Carnival, Holt Athletics, Cross Country and Basketball, and lots more. If you're not into sport there’s plenty of other events the school holds, like the disco, footy day, book week and lots of other fantastic events. Overall my experience there was amazing.

Ella Arnaoutis - Student

St Catherine’s Primary School in Moorabbin was a great place to go to school every day. As a younger child, I loved the feeling of being in a small environment where I could be friends with students both older and younger than me. Over my seven years, I was able to figure out what hobbies that I really enjoyed because of the many extra curricular activities that were available. In particular, I really enjoyed the competitive sport that we got to participate in as older students during the middle of the year. The teachers there always made me feel welcome and included which made it a very enjoyable place to learn. 

Josh Dudley - Student

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