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"Embraces the contemporary world with a Catholic Imagination, and a particular hope-filled view of the human person and all of creation"

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Families that desire a Catholic Education for their child and are not Catholic are welcome to enrol their child.

Enrolments for Foundation open in March of the year before children commence school. Enrolment Forms are available on the website, by visiting or emailing the school

Please call the School on 9555 7200 or email office@scmoorabbin.catholic.edu.au to organise a  school tour and  to meet the Principal.

NEW - The St Catherine's Enrolment Form can now be downloaded as an editable PDF.

Click here to download Application Form

(once downloaded 'save as' your family surname, complete the details and email it back to office@scmoorabbin.catholic.edu.au  with copies of the accompanying documents)

General Enrolment Information

As a Catholic Parish School, built and supported by the parish community, St Catherine’s exists to provide for the integrated education of Catholic children living in the Parish. While St Catherine’s welcomes applications from all families seeking enrolment at the school, the following guidelines are used in the allocation of places each year.

  • Siblings of children already attending St Catherine’s.
  • Baptised Catholic children residing within the parish.
  • Baptised Catholic children residing outside the parish boundary but whose parents have good reason for seeking enrolment at St Catherine’s.
  • Children from other faith traditions, or with no religious affiliation, whose parents wish them to receive a Catholic education at St Catherine’s. The availability of places for families in Categories 2 and 3 necessarily depends on demand from families in Category 1 and this varies from year to year. Families in Categories 2 and 3 are advised to attach a letter to the application, stating reasons for seeking enrolment at St Catherine’s.

Parish Boundaries

Every family lives within a parish and every Catholic family receives priority for enrolment in their residential parish school. Maps of St Catherine’s parish are available at the School Office. For families who are uncertain of their parish of residence please call the School Office on 9555 7200.

Relocation Enrolments

Families relocating from overseas, interstate or elsewhere in Victoria face significant challenges. While families have some idea of the area/s in which they want to live, they may need to locate and enrol in suitable schools before committing to a particular residence or address. To support relocating families, St Catherine’s offers enrolment where available, to families who intend to live in the area, even though they may not be able to locate a residence within the parish.

Overseas Enrolments

There are many different Australian visa classes. Children entering Australia with their parents may or may not be entitled to Commonwealth government funding of their education. Parents considering enrolment at St Catherine’s should first contact us to clarify their visa class. St Catherine’s does not accept enrolment of students from overseas who would be assessed by the Australian Government as Full Fee Paying Overseas Students.

Student Visas

St Catherine’s is unable to enrol any student from overseas who will be in Australia on a Student Visa. Information about Catholic schools registered for this purpose may be obtained by phoning the Catholic Education Office Melbourne on 9267 0228.

Foundation Enrolments

Foundation places can only be applied for, and offered, in the year prior to commencement. In Victoria, children must be 5 years or older by 30 April of their first yearof school, in order to commence school. Parents unsure of their child’s developmental readiness for school should seek advice from the child’s Pre-School setting prior to seeking advice from St Catherine’s School. Parents may remain uncertain of their child’s readiness, particularly where the child will be younger than their peers. In this instance, and to assist parents in making the best decision for their child, accepted places can be deferred until the following year. Applicant families will be asked to attend an interview with the Principal and enrolment offers will commence in early June. An Enrolment Acceptance fee will be payable on acceptance of a place by families.


Copies of the following documents MUST accompany the Enrolment Application Form.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate, if Catholic and baptised in another parish.
  • Passport /Visa/ evidence of Australian residency status where applicable
  • School entry immunisation certificate

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