Religious Education Curriculum

The Archdiocese Religious Education Framework supports the full flourishing of spirtual, physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of all learners.

"True to the mission of the Church, learning in a Catholic school seeks out the good in every person. "

Horizon's of Hope- Melbourne Ardiocese Schools Foundation Statement


The Religious dimension of a Catholic school seeks to:

  • Honour the sacred dignity of each person
  • Engage with deep questions of life
  • Honour the equitable access and opportunity for all
  • Make a difference in the world

The Religous dimension in a Catholic School is inacted through:

  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Learning- Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Relgious Edcuation Framework
  • Celebrating Liturgy
  • Belonging
  • Social Justice Iniatives 

Sacramental Program

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The Sacramental Program aims to provide a balanced approach to growth in faith.

To achieve this, the family, the parish and the shcool work together in partnership.

The Holy Trinty Parish offers a Family Centred, Parish Based and School and Catechist supported Sacramental Program.

It is the responsibility of parents in conjunction with the Parish Priest and the School and Parish Sacramental Team to assess the readiness of any child for Sacraments. The school focuses on the Sacramental Program in the following year levels:

Reconciliation- year 3

First Eucharist - year 4

Confirmation- year 6

Please contact The Holy Trinity Parish for further information regarding Sacraments.

Admin Centre Phone: (03) 9579 4255


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