Visual and Performing Arts

Our biannual Visual Arts Expo and School Performance provides students with opportunities to showcase their creative and performance skills.

Every second year our Learning Hub is transformed into an art gallery displaying individual and collaborative artworks created by our students.

On the alternative year all students participate in an whole school performance and entertain families and friends by showcasing their singing, dancing and acting skills.

Our school choir perform regularly at school events and for local community organisations.



Physical Education

Students from foundation to year 6 participate in weekly physical education lessons. Our spacious school grounds provide students with many opportuinities for physical activities.

We encourage students and families to join in our walking club on Tuesday mornings before school. If the weather is fine, our school community enjoys walking around our school oval, followed by whole school assembly and singing of the national athem.

Students in years three to six have opportunities to compete in zone and regional sporting events. In terms two and three our year five and six students compete in interschool sports against local schools.

Our whole school athletics carnival takes place annually and is well attended by parents, families and friends.


Instrumental Music Program


St Catherine's offers musical tuition in the following instruments:

Years 1-6

Keyboard, guitar, ukulele, recorder, violin, singing and drums

Years 3-6

Saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet and trombone

Weekly lessons take place onsite and are reasonably priced. Indidvidual or small group lessons can be organised.



Students in years Foundation to six participate in Japanese classes conducted by a specialist language teacher each week.

Lessons include learning about Japanese culture along with speaking, writing and reading in Japanese.

Excursions and Incursions

Students in all year levels engage in excursions and incursions which support classroom programs.

The cost of such programs is incorparated into the yearly student curriculum levy.

Sacramental Program


St Catherine's Sacramental Program is Family centred, Parish based and School and Catechist supported.

Parents wishing for their child to receive sacraments need to enrol their child in the parish program. Parents can contact the parish on 9555 4242

Sacraments are celebrated in the following years:

Year 3- Sacrament of Reconciliation

Year 4- Sacrament of Eucharist

Year 6- Sacrament of Confirmation

Buddy Program


Our Foundation, year one and two students connect with a year five or six buddy at regular times throughout the year. The senior buddies support younger students by getting to know them and acting as a positive role model.

Report an absence

Report an absence